Last Minute Productions is a “full-service shop” that takes your project from concept to completion – expertly handling every step on that journey.  We manage costs by employing a skilled team of visual artists who are not limited to a single skill set.



Need a spaceship to tow a logo across a galaxy? No problem. How about a picture album that opens to employees talking about their company’s benefits? Done it. What about a virtual control room where two cohosts talk about preventing cybercrime? Nailed it. If you can dream it, we can animate it.

Digital Cinematography

For LMP teams, "Digital" is just the newest way our cameras capture an image. Targeted success still relies on lighting, composition, depth of field, and color. Throw in camera movement, choice of lens, and filters ... and suddenly your image has meaning and soul.


Want to tell your story without a lot of hype? We produce pivotal points with captured conversations whose meaningful messages advance your agenda. It’s a style we’re comfortable in, and one that would be perfect for you.


To successfully capture images of commercial real estate in Boston or even a managed forest in New Zealand, we’ve flown our drones over some very memorable sights. But it’s not just about getting a camera in the air…it’s about what you are trying to depict: Proximity to Boston? Harvesting techniques for almond farmers? Maybe a simple follow of two people walking on a country road? The drone is a tool, not a toy – and no one knows that better than LMP.


A true complement of our skill set is photography. When clients retain us for headshots, product shots, and event photography, we place top-of-the-line cameras in the hands of highly skilled artists. The end results are [always] superlative.

Post Production

This is where it all comes together – the edit bay. It was once called "the million-dollar room" because of all the unique machines needed to produce high quality video. Computers, of course, changed that … but your results still rely on the skill of an artist who understands both his craft and the tools of his craft.


The act of writing for video is an art. Understanding when to let the images tell the story, when the interview can carry the message, or when to artfully craft a few sentences that both entertain the viewer and provide needed insight. With more that 100 years of combined experience of writing for television, your message is in good hands at LMP.


“Streaming” has become a term used for many applications. “Can we stream our (fill in the blank)?” At LMP we take time to understand the complexity of your event: How many cameras are needed? Are there multiple locations? What platform (Youtube, Facebook …) are we streaming to? There are so many more questions, and we find out the answers to all of them. The end product is a flawless signal to your intended audience.

Virtual Events

“Don’t bring the podium to the internet.” LMP clients are accustomed to hearing this refrain. We believe a web event is no different than a television special. Keep it moving, no long speeches, and allow video to tell your story succinctly. Most of all, leave the audience with the feeling that there is so much more to explore with your organization.

What Do You Need?

As we noted above, LMP is a skilled team of visual artists who are not limited to a single skill set. We are flexible, creative, and passionate. If you have a message that you need to deliver in an imaginative way, talk to us. There are no boundaries to our creativity.