Jay Dobek

Jay Dobek

"Brew Master"

Jay’s lifelong dream was to create a Corporate Video Production company. In 2005, the opportunity evolved, so he ventured down to his basement edit bay and adopted the name Last Minute Productions (LMP), a joke about how he approached his assignments in college. The name was meant to be temporary until something better came along.

Since that humble beginning, LMP has moved out of the basement to our present location in Needham. The sole proprietorship has grown to eight employees.

The “dream” has allowed Jay to travel all over the world … but more important than the locations are the inspiring people he’s met and the opportunities to tell their stories.


Gary Gillis


Broadcast news can be tough and exhibits its share of egos. But it speaks volumes that when he left Boston’s WHDH-TV, a competitor commented to the Boston Globe that Gary wrote the best story he had ever seen. Armed with a gift for words and an insatiable thirst for knowledge, Gary has artfully taken on topics like Cortical Visual Impairment, Forest Management, Adaptive Technology, and Adoptable Rescue Pups (possibly our favorite project, so far!).

Recently, when a hospital staff were planning their 100th anniversary, the chief of surgery—also the resident historian—personally asked for Gary to help tell the story of that century of care. His deep understanding of any subject he covers puts clients at ease. At times, he really becomes an extension of their company.

Jim Johnston

"Point Guard"

Jim may have the most diverse background of all the “LMP-ers.” Launching his career in news, Jim found himself in war-torn Sarajevo. From there he moved, briefly, to the sales side of video production — selling remote satellite set-ups to some of the country’s leading investment firms. From battlefields to boardrooms, Jim’s experience provides a unique perspective on video production that clients will not likely find elsewhere.

Since landing at LMP in 2010, Jim has managed an eclectic client list that includes critical water measuring tools, elite senior care, and international relief. He carefully plans his projects,  contacts his clients regularly, and delivers amazing attention to detail.

Joanne Pallotta

"Train Conductor"

In a past work life, Joanne was a key decision maker at Boston’s number one newsroom; a position requiring her to manage reporters, edit stories and put out fires on a daily basis. In 2014. she joined the LMP team, instantly everything became more organized, efficient, and clear. Joanne combines the ability to make tough decisions in a quick manner, a skill honed over many years in a newsroom, with the understanding of what it takes to get a job done.

Everything LMP runs thru Joanne – scheduling, billing, book keeping, even spot producing projects.

Ryan Mescheski

"Video Ninja"

Hired in 2012 as the first full-time employee, Ryan has had ownership in ever aspect of LMP since day one. At one point, LMP’s physical workspaces were a basement and spare bedroom turned office. He oversaw the move from that residential setting to our current Needham home, making sure that we never missed a minute of editing. He even painted a few walls in the new place!

A consummate story teller, he knows when to use flashy graphics… but he also knows when the story can tell itself. I. M. Pei once said, “To be a master in your craft, you must first master the tools of your craft.” Tools in Ryan’s toolbox are pacing, use of natural sound to draw the viewer in, finding the perfect piece of music and artful color correction.

Ethan Gallo

"Worldly Wizard"

Ethan came to LMP in 2015. The moment he landed at 186 Crescent Road, he sprouted into a force of nature. A tireless worker, Ethan turns the “non-visual” into “eye candy.” Working with creative clients like Starburst (a digital storage and search company), he has shouldered their exceptional ideas (like chroma keying a man in a Wookie costume) and accomplished them all  with flawless execution.

He can also be considered LMP’s handyman. Need a new plastic wheel for a light case? No problem: he’ll whip one up on his 3D printer. While that unfolds, he might bring broken monitors back to life through his uncanny ability to quickly diagnosis a blown transistor.

Scott Wyman

"Pixel Painter"

Starting at LMP the first week of 2021, one could joke that Scott is a “pandemic baby.” But that would fail to recognize his long history of creating creative content. Scott has a true talent for layering images to create a visual quilt — rich with meaning and beauty. A talent honed at stops along the way to LMP, first at Comcast’s CN8. While there he beat out LMP founder, Jay Dobek, for an Emmy in Special Feature Editing. Then it was off to canvas much larger than anyones home television monitor — he found himself creating mesmerizing visual canvases for a worldwide planetarium content creator.

Ken London

"Duke of Production"

Ken started his career heading up a Boston institution — Executive Director and Producer of the Boston Bruins coverage on TV-38. After a decade of leading an award-winning broadcast team Ken went on to produce documentaries (adding more awards to his trophy shelf). He also headed up multi-faceted marketing campaigns for national leading companies in pharmaceuticals, medical devices, financial services, and software. Clients ranged from Fortune 500 companies to emerging brands including PwC, Siemens, IBM, Quest Diagnostics, and Boston Scientific.

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